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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial Group, the worldwide essential services experts of hygiene, pest control, textiles, plants, food, facilities and parcels delivery. As a global provider, we operate in 60 countries with 68,000 employees. We are a leading hygiene solutions provider delivering integrated and innovative solutions to commercial and residential customers.


Experts in Hygiene For Your Business

Our washroom solutions enable your business to offer a high standard of washroom hygiene through our extensive products and services. We build on this unrivalled experience to constantly develop more innovative, environmentally friendly services that put the needs of your customers first. 


Premium Scenting

Branding with scent. Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memories. Our premium scenting solution helps uplift a unique ambiance of your premises, which enhances your guest experience and lasting engagement of your brand.


Washroom Hygiene Solutions

A hygienic washroom reflects highly as a creditor to your corporate values and reputation as well as regard for the comfort and safety of your customers and staffs. Did you know the major cause of infection in washrooms is the flushing spray back or “sneeze effect” which can last up to 24 hours?


Initial Hygiene in Hong Kong

Initial Hygiene are global leading experts in the provision of professional, quality and efficient washroom hygiene and workplace hygiene services to all kinds of businesses in Hong Kong. Our comprehensive and reliable services and solutions meets the needs of every user, of every business environment. Why not see how we could help freshen up your business today?

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Airfresh Fan

Air Hygiene

Learn about our technologically advanced, fully programmable air fresheners keep your washroom fresh and welcoming.

Hand Washing Image

Hand Hygiene

Learn about our hand hygiene solutions keep hands free from bacteria and cross contamination to promote good hand hygiene.

Hand Drying

Hand Drying

We provide hand drying solutions with the option of paper towel to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilet Paper Dispensers

At Initial Hygiene Hong Kong, we provide toilet paper dispensers essential to every toilet cubicle.


Feminine Hygiene

Learn about our hygienic no touch sanitary bins for your female washroom visitors.

Toilet Seat Cleaner

Toilet & Urinal Hygiene

The toilet and urinal hygiene solutions are designed to eliminate unpleasant odor and urinal deposits for a fresh hygienic environment.

IT Hygiene

Workplace IT Hygiene

Learn about how Initial Workplace Hygiene can create a productive workplace by reducing your employee absenteeism.


Floor Hygiene

See how innovative floor care solutions of Initial can be efficient at collecting all types of dirt.

Premium Scenting

Premium Scenting

Premium Scenting can help your business creates brand recognition with fragrances.


Signature Color Range

The Signature range are in colors!

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