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Our washroom solutions enable your business to offer a high standard of washroom hygiene through our extensive range of products and services.

Washroom Hygiene

Hand Drying

Wet hands are a magnet for attracting bacteria, quickly becoming the perfect platform for germs to be transferred from the washroom to other areas of your premises. Limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses not only through hand washing but also hand drying, is essential to improve hygiene standards and can lead to a reduction in employee absenteeism and improved productivity.

The range of hand drying methods from Initial includes paper towels and air dryers.

Initial Hygiene's trained representatives assess your specific washroom requirements and taking into consideration important factors such as the amount of traffic your washroom receives, the frequency of servicing that can be provided and the cost implications that the different types of hand drying methods present to your business. This ensures the right hand drying solution is implemented and ultimately your washroom visitor is provided for.

Folded Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towels

Folded Paper Towel Dispenser

Initial Hygiene’s individual paper hand towel dispenser is constructed from tough, durable plastic and has a capacity of up to 200 sheets.

Folded Paper Towel Dispenser

Key Features
  • Integral antibacterial technology - improving surface hygiene and helping prevent the spread of germs
  • Surface specifically designed to enhance hygiene standards and help make cleaning easier
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • 200 towel capacity reduces the risk of running out of paper
  • Viewing window helps the customer check paper levels and ensure towels are always available
  • Paper towels are kept clean and dry, and free from contamination
  • Tamper-proof, lockable cover
  • Easy to fill and top up
  • Available in Slimline only, but either white or silver

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