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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial Group, the worldwide essential services experts of hygiene, pest control, textiles, plants, food, facilities and parcels delivery. As a global provider, we operate in 60 countries with 68,000 employees. We are a leading hygiene solutions provider.

Global Yet Local

Global yet Local

Initial Hygiene in Hong Kong is part of a global company, organised to deliver at local level. What does this mean to you? You gain access to world-class hygiene service based on our extensive experience, best practice and industry-leading research and development. Yet the way we’re structured ensures we have a wealth of experience we can apply at the local level too. Overall you benefit from:

  • The technical expertise and know-how of a global leader in service provision.
  • Quality service from local people who appreciate the realities of your business.
  • Hygiene service to an agreed contractual level.
  • Our coverage across Hong Kong means our global expertise is always available where you need it most.

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